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What is seen in front of the lens is mediated through the experiences and personality of the operator behind the camera, and how they share their views with us. Those artists and photographers in this category use photography as a way of exploring not only what they see, but how they feel and respond to the places, events and people they photograph. Through their photography, we see the unfolding of history, the complex nature of politics and identity, and an insight into their own personal expression.

  • Alex Syndikas
  • Bernie O'Regan
  • Chris Barry
  • Greg Elms
  • Harry Nankin
  • Ian Lobb
  • Janina Green
  • Jens Waldenmaier
  • Jerry Galea
  • Jill Orr
  • John Billan
  • Les Walkling
  • Matthew Sleeth
  • Murray McKeich
  • Pauline Anastasiou
  • Alt text
    Peta Clancy
  • Sam Shmith
  • Shane Hulbert
  • Silvi Glattauer
  • Susan Fereday