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One of humankind’s endless quests is the desire to understand and inquire about the world in which we live. Through observation, analysis and innovation, we are able to invent devices that can see the unseeable. The stopping of time, the small and microscopic, the movement of heat and waves through air, the capturing of this world provides an insight that has helped shape our knowledge and understanding of not just the scientific world, but also the residual world. The inquirers of Photography 130 apply these principles to their photography, capturing the world beyond what we see. Through their work we are able to stop bullets, trace the origin of cargo and see shockwaves.

  • Alan Hill & Kelly Hussey-Smith
  • Ellie Young
  • Gale Spring
  • Joel Zika
  • John Gollings
  • John Noone
  • John Story
  • Kate Robertson
  • Linnea Rundgren
  • Phred Petersen
  • Rebecca Najdowski
  • Richard Kendall
  • Steve Morton