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Inherent in the medium of photography is its ability to capture time; a moment, fleeting or fixed, that is permanently recorded. It is both a technical capability of the camera, and a desire on the part of the photographer or artist to pause, reflect or peer into a view of the world. These moments can be reflective and reactionary — ‘standing in a particular place at a particular time’ — or they can be investigations of concepts or ideas. What is evident in the works is how each of the image makers have considered the moment, and privileged their choice of time in each of the images.

  • Clare Rae
  • Earl Carter
  • Glenn Sloggett
  • Heidi Victoria
  • Henry Talbot
  • Lyndal Walker
  • Lynton Crabb
  • Mark Galer
  • Polixeni Papapetrou
  • Rod Schaffer
  • Sue Ford