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Stories are complex and powerful. We use them to construct social order, to create a sense of belonging and place, and we use them to find people with similar views and ideas about life and meaning. Photographs are able to tell stories and create narratives through events played out in single frames through the clever use of effects, relationships and the perceived unfolding of time. What happened before the event, and indeed what will happen after? We can see an entire scene unfold, or we can see into the eyes of a child trying to understand what just happened to them. The story tellers of Photography 130 use a range of methods and devices to help us see beyond the single frame, and to generate an affinity with the characters or events.

  • Bronek Kozka
  • Christian Thompson
  • Daniela Federichi
  • Darren Sylvester
  • Garry Moore
  • Heather Dinas
  • Hugh Peachey
  • Lisa Saad
  • Louis Petruccelli